Official in charge of the daily running of a castle/house; a domestic rather than a military officer, though such duties were taken on in an abbot's household, for instance. The word was also used in combination with 'high', of a person able to advance and protect the interests of a monastery or abbey at court; consequently the holder was a person of noble birth or a lay magnate with influence at court. They were in effect lobbyists. Fees were payable. These were not great sums (perhaps 40s) but held multiply they could be well worthwhile; also being such a steward came with the perk of ample hospitality when visiting his charge. During the reign of Henry I (1100-35) there were perhaps four stewards with the title; at other times there may have been as many as five. They seem to have been verbal, ad hoc appointments of the people who actually did the work. The post may also have been at times hereditary; in these cases the person bore the title but probably as an honorary position. Such appointments were begun by the Norman kings; subsequent monarchs did the same. The Scottish surname Stewart relates to the royal steward. -

Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases. .


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